Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fathers Day Part Deux

Today was Steve's second Father's Day, and the day really capped off a wonderful long weekend for us. Steve was away all week on business, so it was nice to have my partner in crime back on Friday. Beia was thrilled as well—and didn't take out any anger on Steve like she did the last time he was away (which was actually quite amusing). Today we treated Beia to brunch at Greenwich Project, with lemon ricotta pancakes. Of course rather than eating the pieces we cut up for her, she opted to manhandle an entire half pancake at a time. Lucky for Steve and I there was still plenty left over for us to enjoy (part of the plan, naturally). For dinner we were all treated to a home cooked meal of filet mignon, caramelized carrots, and sweet potato fries. Mmmm. We all enjoyed and cleared our plates. That's how we know Beia is ours—she's such a good eater! Let's hope it continues...

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